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Hi guys! So my best friends and I are going to do a vlog this afternoon. You guys can drop some questions regarding our super awesome friendship or anything about us. 

But, you know, it’s okay if you guys don’t drop us questions or shit, BECAUSE FUCK YOU

But yeah. I love you guys. NOW QUESTIONS!!!

It’s really nice that I’m great friends with Harleys and Jokers out there


it would be nice if a had a KF friend



another Robin to be close [as tight as Dick’s ass] friends with.

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Im sorry guys, I really am..Im sorry you all know more about Dante than you cared to know. xD

How come when I don’t go to school my issues are everywhere


Because I know how much fun you guys are having without me.


That’s why.

This is why no one else hangs out with us

Me: Guuuh. What am I gonna do? I’m gonna loose my grade if I don’t do anything.

…..well, I can hold the banner, that’s something, right?

Mae: Or you know, you could just go and be like David Guetta and….

Fun day at school just because… :3

and here we are :3

oh and Supes was my assigned dance partner and the little girl is supposed to be our fake daughter. Mkay.

to those who know about what I’m talking about, yeah, I dislike him again.

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